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Best Heroku Free Alternatives for Developers

Best Heroku Free Alternatives for Developers

After November 28, 2022, Heroku's free tier for Dynos, Postgres, and Data for Redis will no longer be available. If you're looking for a free Heroku alternative, this list provides a variety of services with free plans for developers.

Free Heroku Alternatives


One of the top Heroku alternatives with a free plan to get started. Render offers a generous free tier for deploying web services, static sites, databases, and more.


Run your full-stack apps (and databases!) all over the world with Fly.io. No ops required. Their free plan includes generous resource limits for deploying globally distributed applications.


Koyeb is an excellent option for deploying full-stack apps and APIs globally. Enjoy high-end performance thanks to fully automated deployments to BareMetal servers and their built-in edge network.


Easily deploy your full-stack, frontend, or backend apps on your own AWS account with FlightControl. Free for individuals, with paid plans for teams and organizations.


Railway is a cloud platform that takes the complexity out of shipping software. Their free tier allows you to deploy and manage web services, databases, and more.


Connect your GitHub repo to Cyclic, and they'll build, deploy, and manage the hosting for you. Perfect for quickly deploying projects from your repositories.


Qoddi is a fully managed App Hosting Platform running on a tier 1 network at 10% of the cost of similar solutions. Offers a free tier for getting started.


Build & deploy your ideas on Deta, a developer-friendly cloud platform with a generous free tier for a variety of services, including web apps, databases, and more.


Simply connect your GitHub repository, and let Adaptable handle the rest. Adaptable offers a free tier for deploying web apps and managing infrastructure.


AlwaysData provides a free tier for hosting web applications, databases, and other services all in one place. Perfect for getting started with web development projects.


Netlify offers free static site hosting with GitHub integration, making it a great option for deploying and hosting static websites and single-page applications.


Coherence automates DevOps for early-stage teams, allowing you to focus on delivering customer value. Their free tier is perfect for getting started with modern DevOps practices.


With NorthFlank, you can deploy any code, job, or database in seconds. Their free tier is an excellent option for quickly deploying and testing applications or services.


CockroachDB Serverless is a next-generation PostgreSQL database with truly elastic scaling and consumption-based pricing. It features a free tier, and no credit card is needed for signing up.

This list provides a wide range of free Heroku alternatives for developers to explore and find the best fit for their projects and needs. Feel free to submit a pull request or suggest additional services to improve the list further.